Who is God? Is God real? Proof of God!

Who is God? Want to find Proof of God?

Proof the Bible is True?

Who is God? Where is God? Is God real? Well lets examine some of the obvious truths about whether or not God is real. This is the classic battle of creationism vs. evolution. Evolution’s concept is survival of the fittest and deals with chance. Creation is based off love and deal with intelligent design rather than chance. Evolution is a theory concluded from a hypothesis needed in order not to believe in God. Creation is based off of fact with physical evidence (which is easier to believe than Evolution). Evolution requires some form of intelligence in order to evolve and breaks rules of adaptation to prove a theory. Like for instance a flower could not have evolved the way many anti-creationists believe. A flower has no brain or thought process. It cant see or taste or smell or touch and yet they produce all these things in order to procreate without knowledge. They will never know the beautiful colors and sweet smells and tastes they produce. Plants are clearly placed on this planet for the enjoyment of earthlings and they fit into this perfect design. Evolution clearly states that all of existence is an accident cause by chemical reaction that came together by a one in a gazillion-th chance (basically impossible) and life accidentally came into existence, and instead of us being highly intelligent creatures modeled after an even more powerful being evolution refers to life on this planet as an unnatural cancer destined for destruction. Maybe if you studied evolution a little better you would know that. So you look around and tell me, does it look like life just came by accident? I didn’t always feel this way so i don’t blame anyone for being mislead. In the book, “Master Science” by Meek Godmanseedproof of god

Using Christian Apologetics, he explains how it is proof of God all around us using Science and history. The first section explains some basic intelligent designs the second section is about God and history  You will be surprised what you read in this book. Your questions about God will be answered and you will start to look at life in totally different light. So when people ask you, “what and who is God?” you will have the answers for them. You can check out for free at the website http://www.masterscience.webs.com


About cwinstien

Hello, I am an up and coming religious author. I enjoy discussions about God as well as writing about Him. I am a medical courier Who has been in the business for 8 years and love to cultivate plant life, family, friends, and good times.
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