Proof of God -Is God Real – The Genie Theory

Is God Real

The Genie Theory

Is God here to answer our every wish. Jesus did say that if we abide in His word and His word abide in us, we can ask anything in His name and He will give it to us , but are we misunderstanding what He meant when He said it. Sometimes we can take God and place Him at genie status making Him to appear to be slave to our wishes. The sad thing about this is when God does not grant your wish you begin to doubt your faith. I want to serve God and bless Him like He has blessed us. The Bible says that when you do good things in the name of God and praise His name you bless Him.

The truth is that if you abide in the word of God and Gods word abide in you then you will want God more than anything else and God will give Himself to you. Getting mad at God because He will not give you material possessions is not a good example of abiding in His word. I mean think about it, why would Jesus have told that young rich prince he had to give away all his material possessions to follow Him. He knew that the young prince wanted that material life more than he wanted to be saved and be with God. Material things are not of Heaven, celestial things are. Do not doubt Gods deity just because He won’t grant your wishes, that is not His Job. Is God real to you even when life seems to keep getting harder and more overwhelming? In many cases God will make us even more aware of His presence when we are going through hard times. Do not fear the chastisement of God, shall we take only the good from Him and not the Bad? The God I serve is in control of both the good and the bad and although it is really hard to praise the Lord when I am going through a hard time, it always makes me feel better to do so.

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Who is God

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